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Healthy Living Program now offers Rx Path
Introducing our NEW Part-Time DO  
Guide to Care: New Healing Pathways Programs 
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Introducing more Osteopathy at Direct Osteopathic with Dr. Brianna Anthony D.O.

In our search for another Osteopath to expand our offering of hands on manipulation, we found a perfect fit! Dr. Brianna Anthony was a student fellow at Rocky Vista when Dr Brie Seefeldt was teaching - they crossed paths in 2016.  Recently, Dr Anthony mentioned she was leaving family medicine to start

her own Osteopathic manipulation practice in Fort Collins. Dr Brie invited her down to DOPC for the next several months to expand Osteopathic access at our clinic as Dr. Anthony builds her own! Here are Dr Brie and Dr Bri celebrating their collaboration at their annual Osteopathic convention. Dr Anthony has been practicing Osteopathic Medicine for over 5yrs. She grew up in Boulder and continues to enjoy all that Colorado offers. After attending Clark University in Worcester, MA, she was excited to return to Colorado when she was accepted to medical school at Rocky Vista University in Parker, CO. At Rocky Vista University, she learned and practiced all that Osteopathic medicine offers, including Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT). She completed an extra year of fellowship to further learn the art and science of hands-on medicine and healing.

Dr. Anthony then went on to residency at the Ft. Collins Family Medicine Residency in Northern Colorado where she learned to care for patients of all ages and stages of life. She graduated residency in 2020 and is board-certified in Family Medicine.

Her passion is to help facilitate the body's innate healing through traditional, hands on Osteopathy. She believes that health and happiness come from connecting with nature, staying active, having close relationships, getting good sleep, and being kind to yourself.

Please welcome Dr Anthony as our NEW PART TIME DO 🎉👏  (We are so excited to have her!!) 

You can book a treatment with Dr. Anthony March 22 and March 29 and then every other Friday starting May 3 from 9-2 PM. Treatments for members are $165. For the time that Dr Anthony is with us, we will be able to offer non member treatments to adults for $299. As always, non member babies treatments are $225.

Healthy Living Program Updates ☀️

get the most out of your membership

We are so excited to announce that we will now be offering compounded, injectable GLP1 agonist medication prescriptions as part of our Healthy Living Program RX Path.  

GLP-1 agonists are medications that help control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. They work by mimicking the action of a hormone called GLP-1 (Glucagon-like peptide-1), which naturally helps regulate blood sugar. These medications can help lower blood sugar, reduce appetite, and promote weight loss in some individuals. At DOPC we have prescribed these medications since their inception for diabetes, but since they became "blockbuster" drugs for weight loss we have had difficulty getting these medications approved (and affordable!) for our members. You have likely heard about these medications in the media - Ozempic aka Semaglutide or Mounjaro aka Tirzepatide. So, we vetted a compounding pharmacy that will compound Semaglutide or Tirzepatide as an alternative to fighting for authorization and ending with a $1000/mo “approval”. As with all nutraceuticals we recommend, we made sure that the pharmacy we are using has a good reputation, is precise on dosing and that we can pay for the medication on your behalf to secure the lowest pricing. We are now offering our Healthy Living RX Path for $450 per month, which includes a dedicated visit and receiving GLP-1 medication at home in the mail. Another WIN for DOPC helping you avoid insurance hoopla!

We have also been tracking articles like the one below about the safety and additional benefits of the GLP1 agonists beyond weight loss - regulating blood sugars, reducing inflammation, a tool for reducing perimenopausal weight gain and helping with addiction to name a few. We anticipate we will be hearing of even more positive benefits to these medications beyond weight loss in the near future.  

As a reminder, at DOPC we strongly believe in the principles of Health at Any Size and will not utilize body shaming or extreme measures focused solely on weight loss. Instead, we want to help you to understand your triggers and patterns, develop new habits and support accountability. While our focus is not exclusively on weight changes, if that is a metric you want to change we can help you with strategies. Through our Healthy Living Program, our goal is to offer guidance and give tools to get you pointed in a new direction. You can start with our Healthy Living Assessment Program as an initial visit for $150 to discuss a proactive approach to your health that feels right for you. If you decide at that visit to add on the RX Path simply pay the additional $300 to add on the medication option.  

To schedule, message us in the portal or by text: I am ready for the Health Living Program and we'll get you set up with a visit!

**This program is only available to our members**

Guide to Care: New Healing Pathways Programs in the Portal

At the heart of our commitment to your well-being, our Healing Pathways offers a curated selection of strategies, techniques, and insights designed to support your journey towards healing and wellness.

NEW - You can now access our entire catalog of add on programs through your patient portal. Simply log in and find the icon for Healing Pathways to explore. We’re super excited about this!! You can see the revised and updated menus of ALL Healing Pathways Program offerings along with articles, sample reports and data on the labs we trust. 

  • Healthy Hormones Assessment and Maintenance Programs
  • Gut Rehab Programs
  • Brain Health Assessment Programs (still on special $185 off if you sign up before end of March - act now to secure the deal, even if you do your Brain map in April!)
  • Healthy Living Programs
  • Heart Health Programs
  • Ala Carte Programs for Micronutrient evaluations, Genetics and more!

Check it out👇

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us:

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Weight-loss injections such as Wegovy reduce inflammation in the body by acting on brain cells, according to a study in mice. 

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