Guide To Care: "I Think I'm Sick" Protocol

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If you’re feeling under the weather ➡️ Get a COVID test—super important! If you don’t have one, we've got you covered with a $45 rapid COVID test and an awesome $150 rapid PCR that checks for 15 viruses and 4 bacteria. (It's like the MVP of tests). 

So, why bother testing before you come see us? Well, every "cold" is a bit different, and a clear diagnosis helps us, help you better. And guess what? If we can sort things out over the phone, we’re all for it! That helps keep everyone safe, especially our little ones, expecting mothers, elders, and patients with a bit of a compromised immune system that we see nearly every day. 

Of course, if you really need us, have funky symptoms, weird vitals at home, symptoms dragging on for more than 10 days, or that "double sickening" thing (feeling better and then worse again), or kiddos with colds followed by ear pain – yes, you should definitely come in the office and see us! 

Remember, if we've learned one thing from the pandemic, if you're not feeling great, just chill at home and rest up. 😴

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