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⭐️ Member Perks: How to get more Osteopathy?
⭐️ FB LIVE: Did you miss our last interview?  - Traditional Osteopathy With Dr Brie and Dr. Bri
⭐️ Next FB LIVE: Monday May 13 @ 12:15 PM - Pitfalls and Perks of Adding in Prescription Weight Loss Medications with Cat and Dr Brie 
⭐️ NEW website upgrades! Introducing our Healthy Living Program: Succeed with Attainable Goals 

Are you looking for more Traditional Osteopathy?

Have you ever wondered what traditional osteopathy is all about, or why you might want to try it? Well, we sat down with the amazing Dr. Bri Anthony - the newest addition to DOPC team, to talk about what makes Doctors of Osteopathy different!

Tap on the video below to learn a thing or two about Traditional Osteopathy and our D.O.’s unique approach to healthcare.

NEW Website Updates! 
Explore Our New Healthy Living Program Page

What's New at DOPC?

We're excited to share the newest addition to our website – a dedicated page filled with everything you need to know about our Healthy Living Program! Our team has been hard at work building out this program for anyone who want to take control of their health and see success with attainable goals.

Click below to check out the new page and discover all the benefits and details of the program. Whatever success looks like for you, we’re here to help you set attainable goals AND achieve them! Woot woot! 🎉

Find out if our Healthy Living Program is for you!

Special Announcement:
Osteopathy for Non-Members!

If you have a friend, neighbor or a loved one that has wanted to try Osteopathy this is a great opportunity.  For many years, Dr. Brie has only offered Osteopathic hands-on treatments to members and non-member babies (yes it’s a passion). 

Now, for a limited time, there are two new opportunities for Non-Member Osteopathy! 

  • Headaches, TMJ and jaw clenching (hello tongue tie)
  • Stress and nervous system balance
  • Sinus drainage and allergies
  • Even reflux and GI function!  
  • Babies see us for problems with latch, breastfeeding, gas and reflux, sleep concerns and colic.  

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us: support@mydenverdo.com

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Join Our Next Facebook LIVE!

Pitfalls and Perks of Adding in Prescription Weight Loss Medications 
with Cat and Dr Brie 

We're thrilled to announce that while Dr. Anthony builds her own Traditional Osteopathic practice in Fort Collins, she will be available to provide more hands on Osteopathic treatment sessions at our Lakeside office every other Friday from 9am - 2pm starting on May 3! Message in the portal or by text to book your appointment now! 

Learn more

Tune in this upcoming Monday, May 13th. Our live session begins at 12:15 PM MDT. 

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If you haven’t already, maybe it is time to give Osteopathy a try! 

  • Member Osteopathic Treatment (OMT) for Ages 0-4 - $125
  • Member Osteopathic Treatment (OMT) for Ages 5+ - $165
  • Non-member Osteopathic Treatment (OMT) for Ages 0-4 - $225
  • Non-member Osteopathic Treatment (OMT) for Ages 5+ - $299

Dedicated Osteopathic treatment appointment times for Members and Non-Members: 

Lakeside Location - Every other Friday with Dr. Anthony starting May 3 
Parker Location - Three Tuesdays a month with Dr. Brie starting May 28th
📍 19563 East Mainstreet, Suite 203, Parker, CO 80138

Dr. Brie can also be booked in Parker for primary care visits and wellness visits without shots or labs needed. 

Many people think of Osteopathic treatment for musculoskeletal things (think back pain, neck pain, sprains etc).  However, it can also be great for: 

Hello Mother’s Day & Father’s Day! 🌷

Gifting Osteopathic treatments CAN be arranged, making for a great option for Mother’s Day and/or Father’s Day. Make sure to stop by our office to learn more about gifting treatments!

Thank you for your interest in Direct Osteopathic Primary Care.

We will get back to you as soon as we can.


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