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Kevin, Current Member

Dr. Brie and the team at DOPC are hands down the best care team I’ve ever worked with. They’re thoughtful, responsive, compassionate and really take the time to get to know you and your personal health picture. The DPC model they use is a complete 180 from traditional healthcare, and better in every way conceivable in my opinion. No hidden costs, no copays, no enrollment periods, real-time communication, and on-site labs, just to name a few of the highlights. I’ve had some complex issues arise over the years, and just knowing you have a deeply knowledgeable and empathetic doctor and care team you can reach out to when you need them makes all the difference in the world.

Jane, 4 Year Member

I love this practice – my whole family goes here and it’s so nice to have a one stop shop for us all. I love all the easy communication options – perfect for busy working parents.

Cameron, Founding Member

When it came time to select insurance for 2018 and it was going to cost $1350/month for an exchange bronze plan, I started looking for an alternative.  The one I came up with was going to Medishare and switching to Direct Osteopathic.  I calculated the savings at $6,000/year.  It has actually been closer to $8,000 this past year and the level of care is better than I was getting with my previous doctor!

Jamie, Founding Member

Dr. Brie has treated my son since he started with OMT treatments at 6 weeks old. She has helped [us] to overcome many challenges over the past 2+ years from early feeding struggles, sleep and sensory issues to ppd, kidney stones, and more, she’s been there for us through it all. I love the friendly family feeling. Caring, smart, dedicated doctors and staff that want you to be healthy. It’s a wonderful feeling to have a great doctor you can trust.

Amaya, 2 Year Member

I’ve never had a medical practice go above and beyond the way everyone at Direct Primary Care does. I cannot speak highly enough of the staff and process here. I am so grateful we’ve found them for our family.

Jared, 1 Year Member

I love the accessibility and communication with our family doctors. The ease of communication and relationship we’ve built makes me more proactive. It’s so nice to have these talented medical professionals as partners in my health – a rare find these days.

Ezekiel, Founding Member

The membership is amazing! It is truly what healthcare should be. I feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful doctor who genuinely cares and is available. I feel supported and have always had my needs met. The membership feels like a collaborative approach to health with you and your provider, which is how it should be. I also love how convenient it is to communicate with the providers, it’s wonderful!

Antonio, New Member

We are so grateful for this practice.  Dr. Brie and her team have been by our sides to navigate my husband’s complicated chronic health issues. They have supported us physically and emotionally, often at odd hours. Due to the discount on labs, pharmaceuticals, and supplements, our membership pays for itself.

Maria, Current Member

The defining element of direct primary care is an enduring and trusting relationship between a patient and his or her primary care provider. Empowering this relationship is the key to achieving superior health outcomes, lower costs and an enhanced patient experience. The hallmark of DPC is adequate time spent between patient and physician… Healthcare can, and must, be higher-performing, more patient-responsive, less invasive, and less expensive than it is today.

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