Five Years: Change & Celebration!
A letter from Dr Brie

Dear Patients,

This past month has been eventful with several firsts in my doctoring book since opening the practice 5 years ago. I had two unusual “out of office visits:” a visit at the intensive care unit in a local hospital and a visit over lunch in Buena Vista. On the personal side, I managed through two natural disasters: my family home in Tahoe threatened by the Tamarack Fire and being evacuated from a campsite in Buena Vista after flash flooding. Thankfully, everyone is fine!

What do these things have in common? More than just Buena Vista! July challenged me to find the art of maintaining flexibility in the midst of constant and sometimes unpredictable change! As we approach August, it is important to share with the DOPC community some upcoming changes that we want to let you know about. Keep reading for details.

But first, let’s celebrate our 5 year milestone next Friday, August 6th! I invite you to come, bring your family, and celebrate because each and every one of the members and families in our practice has kindled my joy in medicine. I care for you like I do for my own family. In the world of corporate-based medicine, I could not take the time I needed to foster the relationships that fill my cup. I love celebrating your wins and lifting you up after your losses. I enjoy hearing your stories and taking the time to really listen. I am curious about WHY medical issues crop up and always seek an answer. The party is to say thank YOU for giving me the opportunity to live our vision:

Re-invision Health+Care
Provide Service
Model Balance

Plus, my daughter will have a bake sale and my son will have a lemonade stand and they will be doing a reading of Shannon’s new book! What more could you ask for?!

With love and gratitude,
Dr Brie 


What’s New?
Meghan Price, F-NP has been with us in her first clinical job as a nurse practitioner and has been a lovely addition to our team. However, Meghan will soon have her first baby and will step down from our team to fully enjoy the blessing of this life transition. We wish her well and hope you can come on Aug 6th to our party to wish her well on her journey to motherhood! Don’t worry, we’ll share a photo when her baby girl is born in November.Gabby Reaves-Bartlett started with us as an outstanding medical assistant student who has now been invited to join our team. Many of you may have met her in the last few months; she is a very talented and smooth phlebotomy vampire. Gabby will help us to streamline our efficiency in the office, over the phone, and in the patient portal. See below for her bio and hello.What’s Next?
The spotlight is on the health and wellbeing of you; our current members. As we finalize the hire of our next provider to join our team, we are asking new patients to join a waitlist. We want to keep our practice at this small, personalized size so we are pausing new members for now. BUT, if a dear friend or family member of yours would like to become a member, please reach out anytime! We are hoping to have a new provider in October!This summer, our focus has been on getting you in for your annual wellness visits or child’s well check. If you haven’t had one in over a year, please do so now! Meghan is with us until the end of August and we would love to get you in soon. You can schedule in the portal or text us. We are in the process of getting out updated General Health Appraisal forms and immunization records for school kiddos. Check your or your child’s portal for this updated info in the next few weeks and send us a message if you don’t see it.This fall, we will shift our focus from preventative care to preserving more same day access for cough/cold/COVID season. Dr Brie has added more phone visits, more same day urgent visits, and a few earlier appointments. In 2020 and 2021, our member visits doubled per member per year. We know that you needed us because the virus was new and uncertain for everyone and we responded. We are monitoring changes with the delta variant and the pandemic as it evolves. We 


​We hope you have all had a nice summer catching up on your health and taking care of yourself.Here is Dr. Brie modeling balance!

Scheduling In’s & Out’s 
Please know that it is our highest priority to be there when you need us.
Online Scheduling:

  • A convenient way to schedule chronic care visits, non-urgent wellness visits, and routine office or phone visit follow up on your current medical care
  • Not every available visit is present online.  If you don’t find something that works, please send us a portal message, give us a call, or send a text

Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment (OMT):

  • These visits may be in short supply if urgent primary care concerns arise that need to be prioritized
  • These visits are not available online so if you want to get in for regular treatments, please call or text to schedule in advance so you always have something on the books (generally every 6-8 weeks)
  • If we can’t get you in, we have referral options if you need them

Urgent Medical Concerns:

  • If you need emergency medical attention, please always call 911
  • If you are experiencing something urgent, call us and press option 1 and please leave a message. This option is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We do our best to help but we can’t always prevent an urgent care visit or the need for emergency medical care
  • For some urgent concerns, there may be times you talk with a medical assistant or a provider in training at our office. These team members will always bring your story to the provider so that we can decide what is best to do next. We may need labs, a phone call, or imaging before you are seen or we may ask you to visit urgent care if it is more appropriate than coming to the office. We are always here for you.

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