tips and tricks for the 3rd peak

Here’s me looking at YOU Colorado. It’s time to REIGN IT IN: Here is what YOU CAN (and can’t) DO:
****You CAN’T test out of quarantine
*Wear masks everywhere, even with friends
*Get take out; don’t dine IN
*Curtail activities and social groups
*Reschedule Thanksgiving to Spring*IF you have SYMPTOMS-get tested, while waiting for your results pretend like you have COVID and isolate
*IF you have an exposure quarantine for 14 days. This means not going to work, no sports or play dates for kids.
*IF you have an exposure- you do not need testing right away. The best time to test is day 7-9 after exposure. Test in quarantine if you start having symptoms.Did I mention?
***You can’t test out of quarantine.
This means if you are in quarantine for 14 days from being in contact with someone with COVID and you test negative at day 5 – you can’t go back to “normal”. You just get peace of mind
COVID-19 is active and we have hospital beds approaching capacity in our state.
Two of our patients first knew they had covid while eating in a restaurant. First one fever hit “like a brick wall” during the meal, the second lost taste and smell while eating guacamole.
One of our patients went to the ER twice last week not being able to breathe. The hospitals are so busy they opted to send her home on oxygen even though she is high risk for severe COVID. We call her every day. She started feeling better today. She has been sick for 22 DAYS.

Health care providers are passionate for YOU:
Your taste and smell
Your heart
Your lungs
Your health

We are passionate for your grandmother and grandfather too. Do this for all of us.


Whatever you have been doing lately, do 60-75% LESS for the rest of the month.
Find ways to safely express gratitude and connection in creative 2020 ways. Comment if you have ideas!

Do your part. This is me working for you Colorado.
With love, Dr Brie

The black, white and grey
of covid quarantine vs isolation
watch the video

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