It is the end of the summer. School is back in session. Long evenings and barbecues are coming to an end. It’s a time of year where many hoped to shed some summer pounds with increasing activity but instead they gained.

This year, why not give your body a treat?  Direct Osteopathic Primary Care will soon be launching a semi-annual guided whole foods elimination diet. It is time for a post-summer detox.

Have you ever wondered what is wrong with your digestion?  Why you feel bloated and gassy after some meals and not others?  What is causing your headaches?  Why you keep needing the extra cup of coffee to relieve the brain fog?

In the past several years, alternative medicine doctors and traditional medical doctors have come to some similar conclusions. There is now evidence that what you eat actually impacts your health!

The problem is, there are so many fad diets that come and go it’s easy to get confused on what you should be eating. Many of those diets are effective, but none help you learn specifically about your body, your triggers and yourfood intolerances.

After Labor Day, get ready to join us on for the whole foods elimination diet where you can learn about you. Stay tuned to this newsletter for more details soon!

​Join Us at the Direct Osteopathic Primary Care Open House

The clinic is now open, boxes are slowing moving into their permanent positions and the beautiful mural on the waiting room wall is nearly finished. Our next information session Sept 12 at 5:00 PM will be hosted as an open house with hors d’oeuvres and introductions to the model of care as well tours of the new space. RSVP here.

Join us that evening and meet the newest addition to our family centric wellness center, Miranda Cacek L.Ac. Miranda is an acupuncturist and massage therapist who utilizes body talk, a way of accessing the emotional triggers underlying chronic pain or disease. Come and meet her at our informational session and open house or check out her Facebook Page:

See you soon!

​Dr Brie

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